Extended Manifest Format

The manifest format covers most of the required information for writing configuration profiles, except for a few cases.

The following is a description of keys added to the manifest format by the community as a working standard.

Suggested Keys


Version of macOS that started supporting the key or payload. Could also add pfm_ios_min and pfm_tvos_min.


Version of macOS that stopped supporting the key or payload. Can also apply to iOS and tvOS.


Bool true/false, requires device to be supervised for this setting to work.


Suggest using the pfm_target_conditions dictionaries to specify rules about how this key or payload is incompatible with the other payload or key. Usually this would happen when one payload becomes superseded by another, and installing both results in undefined behaviour.

There’s currently no way to reference other manifests so there might need to be a pfm_target_domain key to match a domain in another manifest.


Resurrect this key from old MCX style manifests. Allows specifying the scope.