APNS (Push Notifications)



You may run apsctl status to see the status of all APNS topics on the local machine. Regarding MDM, you are looking at these topics:

  • com.apple.mdmclient.agent.push.production (User Channel)
  • com.apple.mdmclient.daemon.push.production (Device Channel)


/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/ApplePushService.framework/apsctl status |grep -A 25 com.apple.mdmclient.daemon.push.production

Should show you roughly all the relevant lines from the apns topic for mdmclient.

From this information you can learn about:

  • The last time the device received a push notification for MDM.
  • The last topic that was used to receive a push notification.
  • The number of push notifications received.
  • etc.