App Lock Payload


By installing an app lock payload, the device is locked to a single application until the payload is removed. The home button is disabled, and the device returns to the specified application automatically upon wake or reboot.


You can’t update any app while the device is locked in Single App Mode. You need to exit Single App Mode long enough to update apps as needed. During that time you should restrict the visible apps as much as possible, except for Settings and Phone and any other apps that cannot be blacklisted.


Supervised Only:
macOS Deprecated:
iOS Deprecated:N/A




A dictionary containing information about the app

Type Default Required Regex iOS macOS Supervised
dictionary N/A always N/A N/A N/A N/A

App Keys

Name Type Title Description Required
Identifier string Identifier The bundle identifier of the application. always
Options dictionary Options Settings enforced when in Single App Mode n/a
UserEnabledOptions dictionary User Enabled Options Allow the user to change these settings when in Single App Mode n/a


Name Type Title Description Required
DisableTouch boolean Disable Touch Disable Touch Screen n/a
DisableDeviceRotation boolean Disable Device Rotation Disable Device Rotation n/a
DisableVolumeButtons boolean Disable Volume Buttons Disable Volume Buttons n/a
DisableRingerSwitch boolean Disable Ringer Switch Disable Ringer Switch n/a
DisableSleepWakeButton boolean Disable Sleep Wake Button Disable Sleep Wake Button n/a
DisableAutoLock boolean Disable Auto Lock Disable Auto Lock n/a
EnableVoiceOver boolean Enable Voice Over Enable Voice Over n/a
EnableZoom boolean Enable Zoom Enable Zoom n/a
EnableInvertColors boolean Enable Invert Colors Enable Inverted Colors n/a
EnableAssistiveTouch boolean Enable Assistive Touch Enable Assistive Touch n/a
EnableSpeakSelection boolean Enable Speak Selection Enable Speak Selection n/a
EnableMonoAudio boolean Enable Mono Audio Enable Mono Audio n/a

User Enabled Options

Name Type Title Description Required
VoiceOver boolean Voice Over Allow user to enable Voice Over n/a
Zoom boolean Zoom Allow user to enable Zoom n/a
InvertColors boolean Invert Colors Allow user to enable Inverted Colors n/a
AssistiveTouch boolean Assistive Touch Allow user to enable Assistive Touch n/a