Notification Settings

It is supported on the User Channel.

This payload specifies the restriction enforced notification settings for apps, using their bundle identifiers.

Supervised Only:
macOS Deprecated:
iOS Deprecated:N/A



Notification Settings

Notification settings for each app

Type Default Required Regex iOS macOS Supervised
array N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

Notification Settings Item

Name Type Title Description Required
BundleIdentifier string App Bundle Identifier Bundle identifier of the target app always
NotificationsEnabled boolean Enable Notifications Whether notifications are allowed for this app. n/a
ShowInNotificationCenter boolean Show in Notification Center Whether notifications can be shown in notification center. n/a
ShowInLockScreen boolean Show in Lock Screen Whether notifications can be shown in the lock screen. n/a
AlertType integer Alert Type The type of alert for notifications for this app. None/Banner/Alert n/a
BadgesEnabled boolean Badges Enabled Whether badges are allowed for this app. n/a
SoundsEnabled boolean Sounds Enabled Whether sounds are allowed for this app. n/a
ShowInCarPlay boolean Show in Car Play Whether notifications can be shown in CarPlay. n/a
GroupingType integer The type of grouping for notifications for this app 0 auto, 1 by app, 2 off - do not group n/a
CriticalAlertEnabled boolean Critical Alerts Enabled Whether an app can mark a notification as a critical alert that will ignore Do Not Disturb and ringer settings. n/a