Login Items

The login items payload manages the login items normally found in a user’s Login Items tab in the Users and Groups System Preference pane.

It shares a lot of functionality with the loginwindow domain. In fact the same code handles both, with the exception that the loginwindow domain applies at the system level only - NEEDS VERIFICATION.


Supervised Only:
macOS Deprecated:
iOS Deprecated:N/A



Automatically launched applications

Automatically launch these applications at login

Type Default Required Regex iOS macOS Supervised
array N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A


Each item may contain these keys

Name Type Title Description Required
Path string Path Path to the application bundle to launch always
URL string URL URL to mount in the form scheme://mount.point/Share always
AuthenticateAsLoginUserShortName boolean Authenticate with short name Authenticate to the URL with the current users short name. Required if URL is specified, but not for Path n/a
Hide boolean Hide Hide application at launch always
MCX-NetworkHomeDirectoryItem boolean Mount network home Mount network home n/a