802.1x Ethernet Payload



The 802.1x Ethernet payload is designated by specifying one of the following as the PayloadType value:

  • com.apple.firstactiveethernet.managed [default]
  • com.apple.firstethernet.managed
  • com.apple.secondactiveethernet.managed
  • com.apple.secondethernet.managed
  • com.apple.thirdactiveethernet.managed
  • com.apple.thirdethernet.managed
  • com.apple.globalethernet.managed (10.13)

Payloads with active in their name apply to Ethernet interfaces that are working at the time of profile installation. If there is no active Ethernet interface working, the com.apple.firstactiveethernet.managed payload will configure the interface with the highest service order priority.

Payloads without active in the name apply to Ethernet interfaces according to service order regardless of whether the interface is working or not.


If you change the active ethernet interface after the profile is installed, it will not apply to the newly active interface.


Supervised Only:
macOS Deprecated:
iOS Deprecated:N/A
Name Type Title Description Required
EAPClientConfiguration dictionary EAP Client Configuration Specifies 802.1x EAP authentication parameters n/a
Password string Password Specifies the password for the access point n/a
PayloadCertificateUUID string Certificate UUID UUID of the certificate payload containing an identity used as the client credential n/a
TLSCertificateRequired boolean Certificate Required If set, force a non-default authentication method. (if YES, uses certificate from PayloadCertificateUUID) n/a
ProxyType string Proxy Type The type of proxy configuration to use for this wireless connection n/a
ProxyServer string Proxy Server The hostname of the proxy server n/a
ProxyUsername string Proxy Username The username for proxy server authentication n/a
ProxyServerPort integer Proxy Server Port The port used to connect to the proxy server n/a
ProxyPassword string Proxy Password The password to authenticate with the proxy n/a
ProxyPACURL string Proxy Username URL used to recieve proxy settings n/a
ProxyPACFallbackAllowed boolean Proxy PAC Fallback Allowed Proxy PAC Fallback Allowed n/a
QoSMarkingPolicy dictionary QoS Marking Policy Restrict fast lane QoS marking n/a
Interface string Interface name The name of the interface, only used with the payload com.apple.globalethernet.managed n/a