Microsoft Office 2016

These are custom settings and must be placed in a payload.


Name Type Title Description Required
kCUIThemePreferencesThemeKeyPath integer Theme Set the theme used by Microsoft Office. n/a
OfficeActivationEmailAddress string Activation Account Sets value of ‘Belongs to’ field in the About Box. This happens automatically on 15.33+ installs. As of version 16.13+ this value also pre-fills the account authentication field. n/a
OfficeAutoSignIn boolean Hide welcome window of first launch Only prompt user for needed information like a O365 authentication. n/a
ShowDocStageOnLaunch boolean Hide gallery view on launch Disables the gallery view on application launch. n/a
ShowWhatsNewOnLaunch boolean Hide what’s new message after update Additional key to ‘OUIWhatsNewShownItemIds’ that services as a single place to remove all future “What’s new” messages for all suite apps: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, and OneNote. n/a
DefaultsToLocalOpenSave boolean Use ‘On My Mac’ as default open and save location Sets the Open and Save options to default to ‘On My Mac’ instead of ‘Online Locations’. n/a
VisualBasicMacroExecutionState string VisualBasic macro security level Sets the VisualBasic Macro security level. n/a
msoridEnableLogging integer Enable logging for authentication requests Increase logging levels for authentication requests. n/a
msoridDefaultMinimumSeverity integer Minimum severity for authentication requests logging Set value to 200 if msoridEnableLogging is enabled. n/a
HaveMergedOldPrefs boolean Migrate old preferences to new domain Triggers for pre 15.32 preferences to be migrated to the new domain going forward. In most cases you should NOT manage or touch this. n/a