Microsoft OneDrive

These are custom settings and must be placed in a payload.


Name Type Title Description Required
DisablePersonalSync boolean Disable personal accounts Prevents users from adding or syncing personal accounts. n/a
Tenants dictionary n/a OneDrive folder default location. n/a
AutomaticUploadBandwidthPercentage integer Automatic upload bandwidth percentage Percentage of local upload bandwidth that the sync client can use. n/a
UploadBandwidthLimited integer Maximum upload throughput Upload throughput in KB/sec that the sync client can use. n/a
DownloadBandwidthLimited integer Maximum download throughput Download throughput in KB/sec that the sync client can use. n/a
HideDockIcon boolean Hide Dock Icon Hides the OneDrive dock icon even when the application is running. n/a
OpenAtLogin boolean Open at login Automatically start OneDrive when the user logs in. n/a
SharePointOnPremFrontDoorUrl string SharePoint Server Front Door URL The URL of the on-premises SharePoint Server. n/a
SharePointOnPremTenantName string SharePoint Server Tenant Name The name that will be used when creating a folder to sync the on-premises SharePoint Server files. n/a
SharePointOnPremPrioritzationPolicy integer SharePoint OnPrem Prioritization Determines whether or not the client should set up sync for SharePoint Server or SharePoint Online first during the first-run scenario. n/a
DefaultToBusinessFRE boolean n/a Default to OneDrive Business n/a
EnableAddAccounts boolean n/a Allow users to add accounts to OneDrive n/a