Name Type Title Description Required
ADDomain string n/a Defines the AD domain you’re working with. always
PFC_SegmentedControl_0 string n/a n/a always
LoginScreen boolean n/a If set to yes, a macOS-style loginscreen will be presented instead of the NoMAD Login loginwindow style. n/a
LDAPOverSSL boolean n/a Determines if NoMAD Login uses LDAP over SSL. n/a
AdditionalADDomains array n/a List of domains to append at the loginwindow. If not set, the standard Managed Domain policy will apply. n/a
UsernameFieldPlaceholder string n/a Placeholder text to show in the username textfield. n/a
LoginLogo string n/a Path to the logo to display on the login screen. If set to NONE, no logo will be shown. n/a
LoginLogoData data n/a Logo to display on the login screen. n/a
BackgroundImage string n/a Path to the background image to be used. n/a
BackgroundImageAlpha integer n/a Alpha value of the background image. n/a
EULAText string n/a Text to present in the EULA window. n/a
EULAPath string n/a Path to save acceptance records to. n/a
EULATitle string n/a Text for the large title in the EULA window. n/a
EULASubTitle string n/a Text for a subtitle in the EULA window. n/a
CreateAdminUser boolean n/a Will place any local user created at login by NoMAD Login in the local admin group. n/a
CreateAdminIfGroupMember array n/a List of groups that should have its members created as local administrators. n/a
UserProfileImage string n/a Path to an image to set as the user profile image. n/a
DemobilizeUsers boolean n/a Will convert a previously cached mobile account from AD into a regular local user account on login. n/a
EnableFDE boolean n/a On systems using the APFS filesystem, this key will enable FileVault encryption as the user is signing in for the first time. n/a
EnableFDERecoveryKey boolean n/a Write the output of the fdesetup command to /var/db/.NoMADFDESetup n/a
KeychainCreate boolean n/a Create keychain if it does not exist. n/a
KeychainAddNoMAD boolean n/a Add a NoMAD entry into the keychain. n/a
KeychainReset boolean n/a Reset keychain if login password doesn’t match. n/a